Meet our family.

These days we're kind of a package deal.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In 2007, our family was in a tragic car crash. Life as we knew it changed in less than a minute. No longer were we able to do things as we had before and this was really hard to accept. As much as we wanted to continue with things “as normal,” nothing felt normal anymore and “moving on” was going to take time. 

Those who showed up to be there for us during this time made all the difference in what could easily be described as the worst moment in our life. We needed help. And, our friends and family were willing to do whatever it took to help us - even if they didn’t always get it right. 

When you or someone you know is going through a hard time, have you ever tried to do something to help? Did things go as planned? 

More often than not, it feels like things don’t go as planned. It’s hard to know what to do, or what to say.  

Maybe you've thought:

“I was just trying to help...” 

UGH… that was NOT my intention.” 

“What am I supposed to say after something like that?” 


If you or someone you care about feel helpless when going through a hard time… we’re here for you.

I’m Kirsten (the one in the yellow pants), founder and author, and I’m Megan (the one in the green-ish pants), educator and filmmaker. We’ve learned what it takes to know what to say and what to do to help the people you care about most when they need you.  

What if you knew exactly what to say to help yourself or the people you care about through a hard time?

What if you could see your help make a difference in your life?

What if people sought you out because they wanted your help?


Aging Courageously is about learning how to support each other at ANY age when the going gets tough. Because it will get tough. It will take courage. And that’s why we’re here to help. There is no better time then now to start Aging Courageously!

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