Just when you thought you were good, you see their name.

Uncategorized May 03, 2019

I was writing an email last week when my computer autocorrected the greeting to:

Hi Emma.

Say what?

I did a double take.

When I was 7 years old, my best friend, Emma, was killed in a car crash. I had been to funerals and wakes before, but this was the first time the presence of death really hit me. How could my best friend, my carpool-friend-to-dance-class, my Girlscout-cookie-selling-partner, my trampoline-jumping-teammate just be gone? Forever?

Hi Emma.

The last time I wrote something that started with “Hi Emma,” was a long time ago.

Until today.

And just like that, a task that was supposed to be simple can become a major trigger.

You feel ambushed, and have no idea what it will take to recover.

This kind of stuff is real.

Especially when you’ve loved someone a lot and now they’re gone.

And the truth all the ways you loved them and they loved you don't disappear over night. That's why you don't move through grief. You move forward with it. 

Even though your grief trigger will always be yours (no one else will ever understand what happened and what you lost, not me, your friends, or the rest of your family), the biggest truth is that: you're NOT ALONE.

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This grief circle is your way to start a healing grief journey that will make you feel more accepted, connected, and loved every step of the way.

You are so much more than your loss.

Learn how to live again.

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Until then,



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