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The Best Morning Routine

Where to begin

I’ve been trying out a new morning routine.

Why? Because my days have been unfulfilling and I feel like my life is missing something, but I'm not sure what. 

Why? Because that's what all the successful people do out there, they have a morning routine. 

Why? Because we are "supposed to" start the day right away, motivated, ready to go!

The intention of the latest morning routine I was about to begin was to set aside 30 minutes each morning to write down my thoughts.

Often people wake up with negative thoughts so the idea was to get those out of your head and onto the paper instead. That way they don’t have to take up any more space in your day. 

I figured it was worth a try. 

Because I am someone who enjoys the morning, but also likes to get moving I’ve accumulated a lot of different morning routine practices.

So, when I set out to put this new one into action (while maintaining my previous routines) my morning looked something like this: 

4:30am Wake up

4:45am Morning Meditation

5:00am 30 minutes of journaling 

5:30am Run/Walk for exercise

6:30am Shower/wash 

7:00am Full Breakfast  (with coffee or tea, it's the most important meal of the day) 

7:30am Leaving for work, begin podcast or book on tape in car etc. 

8:00am Work day begins and I am ready to go! 


What not to do

Essentially, I was waking up 4 hours before the work day to fit in all the morning routines I acquired from my attempts to achieve a better work life balance. 

Yet, it was still too much. Or, perhaps I should say I still felt empty, like something was missing despite all the effort above. 

I was tired before the day had even begun. And, I started putting pressure on myself when I didn’t get to all of the morning routines done. I would feel like I had already started the day behind. 


The Solution

Not every morning routine is going to work for you. Just because you do all the things “people say” you should doesn’t mean things will go the way you want them. 

I found when I cut back my routine to just one thing each day (aside from breakfast, that I wouldn’t miss), I was more kind to myself and didn’t feel the same busy-ness in my morning as I felt during the work day.

Sometimes I would skip meditating because that was where I was at for the day. 

Other days I made sure to go for a run. 

The consistency in my routine wasn’t what I did, but rather that I started each day doing something for me

What are your morning routines like? Do you find ways to start your day with something for you?


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