Writing Our Story

That day, she was 14; Kirsten, her Father, David, a Mayo Clinic Physician, Mother, Karen, and three younger sisters were in the car. They were driving home from what seemed like an ordinary family vacation when there was a crash. 

Ten years later, unexpected changes in location causes the small circle that is her family to tighten as Kirsten grows into her own sense of self.  


"Beavers use their teeth to cut down trees." Father talking to daughter. From this husband-father-scientist-physician, we experience the relationship, and learn what life is as he talks to her in high-level talk. "Life is just carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen..." Intimacy and objectivity. Like Rilke, she loves and mourns simultaneously. Kirsten Schowalter, like her younger sisters, entered the car as a teenager, along with her mother--after the crash, she comes out immersed and detached. A writer. Older with the story, echoing Rilke still, delivering her all with younger descending joy.”

Jim Bodeen, founding publisher Blue Begonia Press


“Kirsten’s courage to write about a family tragedy is remarkable. The smooth flow of her writing invites the reader to consider emotional events of their own lives. It’s an invitation that happens automatically.” 

Marty Lovins, Shield Maker


“It is truly lovely - bravely self-disclosing, and beautifully written.”

Nicholas Wolterstorff, author of Lament for a Son

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