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So many people have interactions with people and organizations in their community after experiencing loss that feel damaging and not supportive. 

It doesn’t feel good not to be seen, heard, understood, or recognized.

You know this feeling well. 

And it can last for years after experiencing loss.

What if you were surrounded by people who recognized what you’ve gone through and want to spend time with you - in fact they seek you out because they want you to help them? 

They look to you for advice because they know what you have gone through. You know what to say to help other people going through what you have, and people love being around you. Once you were the scary grief person, now people seek out your friendship.

You go to bed each night knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be. 

What if that was you?

Hi, I’m Kirsten, author of In My Own Skin and founder of Aging Courageously.

After spending the last 20 years, grieving my dad, my best friend, my grandparents, and life long friends, I’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes to go from just trying to survive to knowing how to thrive, surrounded by people who want to spend time with you. You can do this too.


  • Spending a holiday vacation with your family and laughing, having fun, even sleeping three people in the two person tent because that’s how close you WANT to be to each other. 
  • Walking away from the first time having coffee with a new friend and immediately seeing a new message from them on your phone asking if you want to meet up for coffee again next week?
  • Waking up and not feeling lost anymore. You know exactly what you’re working for and how to help other people going through what you have. No more faking it.    

With Aging Courageously, you get to connect with people who understand grief and share your interests and values.  

Tired of feeling like people don’t get it?

Get my free insider’s guide and learn the single best way you can make things feel right again.

  • Get the exact words I use to clearly, calmly, directly, and effectively deal with other people without worrying if you make sense or wondering if you are being mean. 
  • Learn how to explain what you mean so you feel heard and understood (and can help other people going through the same thing) without sacrificing your own joy (most people spend years dealing with this by taking actions that repel opportunities for joy without even realizing it). 

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