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What if you woke up and knew what you were working for? 

You know what to do and what you’re working for even if you’ve never done this alone. 

People seek out your friendship. Once you were the scary grief person, now they look to you for advice because they know what you have gone through. You know what to say to help other people going through what you have, and people love being around you. 

You go to bed each night knowing you’re back on track and exactly where you’re supposed to be. 

What if that was you? 

Hi, I’m Kirsten, author of In My Own Skin and founder of Aging Courageously.

After spending the last 20 years, grieving my dad, my best friend, my grandparents, and life long friends, I’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes to go from just trying to survive to knowing how to thrive. You can do this too.


  • Spending a holiday vacation with your family and laughing, having fun, even sleeping three people in the two person tent because that’s how close you WANT to be to each other. 
  • Walking away from the first time having coffee with a new friend and immediately seeing a new message from them on your phone asking if you want to meet up for coffee again next week?
  • Waking up and not feeling lost anymore. You know exactly what you’re working for and how to help other people going through what you have. No more faking it.    

With Aging Courageously, you get to make your life into exactly the kind of life you want to work for. 

Get my free Insider’s Guide for The Single Best Way to Know What Direction To Go after the First Few Months and Years of Grief. You’ll learn:

  • How to get your life back on track without feeling guilty so you can move forward without constantly questioning yourself. No matter what situation you are in (like breaking down in the grocery store aisle or at the dentist and the receptionist asks “how are you?”) use my favorite technique for knowing what to do next on the spot (no more faking it).
  • How to know what to work for even if you didn’t plan for this so you can instantly feel more in control of yourself and not let what other people do have such a hold over you.

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