Meet the Team

The people behind Aging Courageously

Kirsten Schowalter
Founder & Co-SHE-E-O

Kirsten's undergraduate studies were in Linguistics, Spanish and Sociology at St. Olaf College. She has a background in sacred practices related to death and dying. After graduating from St. Olaf, Kirsten pursued a Ph.D. in Demography at UC Berkeley. She is the author of In My Own Skin and has spoken about death, grief, and loss at conferences globally including the LIMRA National Life Insurance Conference.

Megan Schowalter

Megan is first and foremost a teacher, trained in how to teach people social skills, emotions management after traumatic situations, academic content, how to build new habits/routines in their lives etc. She received her B.A. at the University of Puget Sound in Science, Technology, & Society (STS). Her emphasis was in the history of medicine including practices related to death and dying. She attended University of Washington for her graduate degree (M.Ed) in Multicultural Education, Curriculum & Restorative Teaching Practices. She is a professional photographer and videographer.


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